You made it! Great to have ya here! It is my absolute pleasure to serve you. This just might be: your game changing move. Let’s dive right in…

Services are as follows:

  • I specialize in top-notch attention grabbing Profiles, Bios, &/or About Pages for your LinkedIn account, website or ANY other platform you choose, that WILL GET YOU NOTICED.
  • I compose compelling copy for your Website, Landing Page, Opt In Page, Funnels, all other pages as needed.
  • I compose compelling copy for any kind of Email or sequences for Autoresponders.
  • I compose compelling copy for Sales Letters.
  • Maybe your business is simply the business of YOU, & you are an influencer or your own BRAND. We can customize all your copy content too. Let’s make you pop, shine & shimmer like the star you are, across all social media platforms.
  • I will write killer Blog Posts for your specific niche.
  • Need a savvy script for your Webcast or Podcast? Doable, just pitch it to me & I will work my magic.
  • Have a Product Launch or Campaign of sorts? I will Zapp that copy too!

*These services are a La Carte & can be bundled together to create a package. Prices vary from client to client & only after a proper consultation can I determine my fee for that particular project.

MY JOB: to write compelling copy for you that will draw folks into your message, product or service & sweep them away into what you have to offer as if they MUST HAVE IT.

OUR GOAL AS A TEAM: to resonate with people, increase traffic, expand your reach exponentially & convert! convert! convert! Into a party of enthusiastic faces, lined up out the proverbial door wrapped around the proverbial building… with bells on, wagging their tails like happy puppy dogs awaiting a really tasty treat!

MISSION: to radically build up your fan base via the written word, & at the end of the day, WIN you plenty of new loyal customers, clients, followers. WIN you the company of strangers who never knew they even needed what you have. WIN you consistent cash flow, a reputation built on integrity, great reviews, & ultimately satisfied customers who trust you & whose lives got brighter because of you. That’s what I call: GOOD KARMA.

ENDGAME: Business growth, expansion, increasing traffic, followers, conversions, sales, revenue, results! Your testimonial to me will express your overall satisfaction for a job well done! Anything nice ya wanna say, really. 🙂 Reviews are great! But testimonials are SU—PER. At the end of the day, all I want from you is… a BIG SMILE because your enterprise is moving forward joyfully & you can testify to that!

Testimonials are what make a business GOLDEN. They are time-tested PROOF that what we do WORKS. And the cool added bonus for me is… if you get excellent feedback, it means we both do! It’s a bonafide real live win/win! There is no greater reward than that.

Project Protocol

  1. First, I reach out to you via email & set up a convenient time for us to meet via video chat or phone call for initial consultation.
  2. I conduct a preliminary interview to assess the details of your specific needs & determine the cost of the project. (Price includes PDF or Word formatted documents & two free revisions within first 30 days of receipt of finished product)
  3. If we both agree it is a good fit, upon confirmation of services, payment will be expected in full, upfront, via PayPal.
  4. Upon completion of payment, I will send over a copy of the receipt & a brief questionnaire to be completed prior to second interview.
  5. We coordinate a second interview via video chat or call, & this time I dig deep so that I know EXACTLY what time it is, so to speak.
  6. I take the time to CREATE THE MASTERPIECE (s).
  7. Lastly, I DELIVER an outstanding finished product to a very happy, satisfied, over joyed YOU!


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P.S. You Rock!