Winner! Winner!

Funny, cause I am of the Vegan variety. But I couldn’t help it! I thought it was cute.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

So being a winner is not a privilege but YOUR RIGHT. Why? Not cause we are Americans, but cause we are human beings that were born here to thrive, be alive, grow, & prosper. We were actually born to be winners. We certainly weren’t born to be losers, were we? That sounds ridiculous. No, of course not… we were born to WIN! Win, win, win, win!


There was no GOOD story that was ever told throughout the course of time that did not have a winner. Every good story has a winner. May your good story spin you into a WINNER! Your best version showed up today, TO WIN! So honor them, by knowing you are worthy & deserve to.

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Thank you for attending this little mini pep rally, fellow good story teller, now go WIN! 

Tell the story that makes you SHINE.

Here’s to stepping into your power!

#PowPaPowPowPow #HAVE

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