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Welcome! Thanks for visiting thee home of EFFECTIVE COPY CONTENT. I’m like the kid in HS who you trusted to write your term paper for 10 bucks… only now we are adults & sh** just got real. 😃 If at any moment you like the effectiveness of the copy content you read across this blog &/or website, & you would like me to hook you up with your very own version, I can & will Zapp YOUR copy. And then you too, will also be blessed with riches, rewards & solidarity. Just sign in here, for a free consult. The ball will roll & we can get started on your very own game changing content. Looking forward to working with you!


So then, this is the place where you begin to rethink the content of your professional or business online presence, the relationships you have with leads or clientele, & your overall effectiveness & influence of your content & message. Just exactly WHO is your target audience, ideal client, or avatar? I can be your go-to consultant as well as the crafter of a new fresh spin on what you want to say, what you want your audience to know. Let’s bring it. There’s no time to sit unhappy or unsatisfied with a subpar message & execution. It just might be time to: Zapp your copy! My cape is on… I’m ready for ya! Let’s do this! Free consult here… compliments of: yours truly, happy to serve. 🙂


There are no coincidences. I believe you’ve landed here for a reason. Pulling heart strings is my specialty. I will channel a bunch of hallmark moments packed with unprecedented delivery. If I can sell you: (lil ole) me… I can sell you, to THEM. It’s very simple. And it’s all for the good of all. No proverbial snake oil, misinformation, or untruth. No tricks or false advertising, no bait & switch nonsense here!


We will speak from the heart & use just straight raw & real strategy that resonates, relates & that speaks to a burning want or need like never before. We will spin copy content that evokes familiar feelings. We will spin copy content that clearly demonstrates benefits & blessings that solve, remedy, rescue, relieve, uplift, heal, soothe, renovate or rejuvenate & that does good in the world. We will show that it is a product or service that is packed with value simply because it’s beneficial, authentic & sponsored by YOU, none other than… a stand up person with best intentions. That’s what I call Zapping your copy! lol >>


Ya can’t beat that. Can’t go wrong there. The best advertising is the kind that understands you, that makes you feel understood. A product or service sells itself, quite frankly, when the words fly off the page & into the heart & soul. When an advertisement for your product or service RECOGNIZES the person on the other end & actually speaks to them… we have a winner! No one wants to feel left out. No one wants to feel misunderstood. So what do we do with effective copy content? We understand them.


We include them. We include them in our inner circle of goodies that will enrich their lives & make them a better more productive individual with more tools in their arsenal. Tools they can use to fashion a better quality of life, for whatever it is we are speaking about in the content. Does that make sense? Cause it does to me. Like perfect sense. Crystal clear sense, if I don’t say so myself. 🙂 Let’s speak the language of your niche & target audience, together, & Zapp your copy today! Thanks for sticking around. Now click here!

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What will be YOURS?


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