Truth About Covid 19 Economy: don’t let fake news fool ya

Moving into the era of a post Covid 19 economy across America & across the world… we the people may have been strapped for cash for a short sprint, but paper money is now being printed by the zillions.

The mint is over performing it’s little hind off & diligently making us more & more & more money–money–money–money… muu-nee… as we speak, by the boatload. There really IS NO SHORTAGE, if you think about it. Fundamentally, there is always plenty to go around, despite what the Wall Street Journal may or may not report, or for that matter, a financial market data source.

This post is useful, why? Well, because you & me, sometimes we need to know that others endorse the same code of ethics we do, thus we are REMINDED to not back down, EVER, no matter what the current trend or popular (false) belief. Folks like me & you, are striving to SUR-THRIVE. Yip, we business owners & entrepreneurial spirits are striving to thrive, prosper & grow our money trees all through the back yard, on & on for acres even. We thriving types are still practicing prosperity consciousness while the gamut of fake news outfits seems only to be reporting on the rhetoric of poverty consciousness instead. We know better.

We’ve done our homework, unlearning old & relearning new. We don’t fall victim to a collective mindset that is not in alignment with our business model: prosperity consciousness. Prosperity consciousness defies any virus, any great depression, or any external apparent loss. Prosperity consciousness is a CHOICE that defies any Debbie or Doug downer that decides to attempt to cramp styles or spew out their idea of rational facts based on lack or limitation. We winners don’t play that. We don’t buy into that false narrative spit out by the naysayin’ club. We are SUR-Thrivers!

So then, THIS MEANS… get jazzed, people!! Cause truth is: we are so VERY LUCKY right now in this time of Covid 19 & post Covid 19. Not to minimize the supreme duress experienced by the sick or now deceased & their families. Not to minimize the stress & hard work that essential workers must face every day to keep their families safe & fed. And just to add, since the #GeorgeFloyd protests/riots are pummeling our nation at this time, yes, many things are in a heavy state of apparent influx & what seems like a reckoning of sorts.

NOTE: I published a very important post 2 months ago on my other blog, when all this began. It explains what is actually happening to society at large & the people of the world, beyond the veil. Check out that blog post here:

Regarding this article, we are focusing on the underlying positive truths emerging right now, despite appearances, that can thus benefit us going forward, if we take advantage of them.

So, as I was saying, across the board for the most part, people essentially have, will have & continue to have & have… more & more money than ever before. People that never had a nest egg, now suddenly due to varied government relief packages, have one. Simultaneously, those same people are also having significant active cash flow otherwise known as fat pockets. Don’t let fake news fool ya, abundance is everywhere. The Federal Stimulus Bills that have passed & ones still in progress, speak of TRILLIONS (with a capital T) of dollars allocated to the American people.

You can now buy a car with zero interest for five years in some cases, with additional cash bonuses. Everything in stores seems to be on sale. Everybody & their mother is trying to catch up, so they are offering great deals on everything under the sun. Go Fund Me pages, nonprofits, & all kinds of grants & charities are spewing out bills by the dozens. Many celebrities, influencers & philanthropists, have made all kinds of creative fund raising contests en vogue. Places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, for godsake, are donating ten MILLION dollars in home supplies to families in need. According to, Kraft-Heinz, KFC, Under Armour, Netflix, Prada, and many more brands are stepping up their giving game in this time of crisis.

Extensions, waivers & forgivenesses have been granted. Most loans & mortgages are deferred for a time. Not to mention, interest rates & mortgage rates are at an all time low. Food assistance is available via the SNAP program & every food pantry & emergency meal supply site known to man. Embellished unemployment checks, social security checks & even payroll checks are bursting at the seams. As of this week, there is still a whopping 100 BILLION dollars left in the paycheck protection fund. This program provides FREE MONEY (after the loan becomes a grant) business owners can use to pay employee’s wages, at no out of pocket cost to them. That’s a pretty good deal.

Don’t leave out the noble gift of “Hazard Pay” for essential workers far & wide. And let us not forget about the raw dog (tax free) stimulus checks dispensed to 10’s of thousands of households. Some have been topping upwards of 6000$ depending on how many claimed rugrats you cook & do laundry for each week. Don’t let that “only 1200$” whining B.S., fool ya either. Families got HUGE chunks, as far as I’m concerned. Some folks even received, by default, a check for dead relatives! Ain’t that a weird reminder of their sad absence. And speaking of which, not to be an ambulance chaser, but life insurance companies are paying out small fortunes right now, all over the globe, think about it…

Money is flowing in our society, & now that we are in the soft opening phase, the spending has only just begun. People are EAGER to spend their new found financial abundance. This is the time when the gettin’ is GOOD. And believe me you, EVERYONE is looking to improve their lives going forward.

People are sick & tired of being sick & tired & the wellness, fitness & spiritual industries are about to skyrocket. Any industry, really, that is to do with anything beneficial to us, which can mean many different things to many different people. It could mean sports, music, fashion, vacations, travel, pets… to plenty of people too. All industries are about to boom if they meet these “happy” demands of the general populous.

People now want more than ever to enrich their lives, live for today & enjoy life to the fullest & buy, spend, purchase any & all that applies to that concept. People are about to invest in themselves like never before. They are now more willing to invest in whatever fits the criteria of creating fulfillment, happiness, health, wealth, fun, excitement, adventure, laughter, love & peace. Cause if there is one thing people have learned from this pandemic, it is that life is too short to not be LIVED! And living, my little ambitious readers, REQUIRES MONEY. Ha!

That makes the entrepreneur, business owner, freelancer, contractor, creator, inventor, artist, writer, trail blazer types… very lucky indeed. THIS IS OUR TIME. The gettin’ is good, I tell ya! Don’t ever underestimate the power of #ProsperityConsciousness. One of the best wishes or prayers we could ever hold for somebody is: to have a nice continuous stream of prosperity consciousness. Right? It’s like wishing them a winning lotto ticket every day of the week for the rest of their lives. Prosperity consciousness should be the touchstone for your enterprise. If it is, great!

If it is notchange that now by saying the following affirmation. (and all those like it)

“I AM a magnetic wealth collector NOW! Riches & fortune are my Divine birthright. I now activate my business to attract unlimited cash flow, profit & revenue for the HIGHEST GOOD of myself & all others! Isn’t it AMAZING?! I am so GRATEFUL!”

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So it is!


Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!
Repeat while visualizing yourself as a happy clam enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Mmmmmwwwwaaa! Like we Italians do after tasting our mucho fantastico finely crafted sauce (gravy) on a Sunday afternoon. Bellissimo!

This is OUR TIME.


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Ciao for now! Thank you for attending class, fellow wealth builder, now go in peace & PROSPER! 

Here’s to stepping into your power!

#PowPaPowPowPow #HAVE

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