Copy Confidential: the psychology of the sell

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Marketing your product or service, business or enterprise STARTS with compelling copy. I am not just making that up. It’s true. EVERYTHING requires copy these days. Just look around, copy is woven into everything you buy, see, listen to, read, research, recognize, promote, build, notice, watch, share, post, create, capture & even teach or preach. Even candy wrappers, tea boxes, your orange juice container, the vegan butter tub, the donut sleeve, the body lotion tube. All that product messaging has a brilliant copywriter behind it!

That said, the message behind everything is what counts. That message, in order to be heard & effective, must be composed of pragmatic ROBUST copy. It must be composed of sound copy that makes sense to everyone, especially to the person on the verge of tipping right on over into the “I’m sold!” posse or the purchase pool to swim a few victory laps before going back to tell all their friends about it. Bonus!

Like warm chocolate on a cold vanilla sundae, if ya don’t act fast… It’ll melt. Lets do this! Get your home spun, hand picked organic copy content HERE. Let’s bottle your ideas & enthusiasm right now & infuse them right into a fabulous copy piece or two that WORKS for you. Let’s create rich, effervescent copy that transcends the page & zips right into the heart & soul of the person reading it. We do that here.

Sign up for a no non-sense easy free consultation with me & I will be happy to see what you are working with & how we can optimize your edge, flow, reach & impact. I just may be able to help you fill in the blanks to push your business, brand, or online presence to the next level & rise to the top like the charm it is. What are you waiting for? Go—for—it!  The consultation is FREE, nothing to lose there, only to gain.

Just like everyone learns a different way, we all are moved for different reasons. Let’s pick the right reasons to move your audience. Think about it right now. What does your audience want or need most? Let’s address their wants, needs & concerns, even their doubts, fears or reluctance to move forward. Let’s smooth the segway to the decision to receive the benefit of your product or service. Let’s make it a no brainer choice, an offer they can’t refuse. (in the best way, of course… lol)

Building a relationship of trust between you & the reader is of paramount importance. We do that here. Charismatic copy blended with common sense benefits that matter… portend extreme value & promising results. Thus, it provides instant gratification & ultimately lasting rewards to the prospect, customer or client. The value of your product, service, mission or message is: proven, when copy works. We do that here.


EZ peezy. Let’s get the ball rolling. Its TIME. You will be glad you did. Your future self will thank you!

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