Nice landing! Welcome to my lair. It’s official, you have now entered the home of energizing copy content. We execute things here, with supreme finesse, serving female entrepreneurs on the path of soul mastery. Whether you are jump-starting a new enterprise or seasoned & settled in… I am here to help.

If you are a New Earth Superhero engaged with your purpose riding the wave of New Earth vibration, look no further. It’s the Age of Aquarius, circa 2021, it’s a brand new day & you just hit the jack pot! The highest most benevolent outcome for your business, brand, product or service STARTS HERE.

The name is Jenay Zapp & I am a Freelance Copywriter & Bio Building Specialist. I am a conscious service provider with a gift for understanding YOUR VISION.  I am a channel writer who works with an Elite Spirit Guide Team. My gifts are sharp, smart, intuitive no-nonsense keys to unlocking new dimensions of success for your business or brand. Your message… is my mission.

At Zappurcopy.com we are mindful practitioners of Love & Light who serve the greater good one word at a time. New fans & followers will show up & effortlessly be drawn to your product or service simply because they resonate with your frequency. Your ideal clients & customers are just around the corner!

What Zapp Ur Copy will do for your content is literally ENERGIZE IT. I will create it from scratch or upgrade it, update it & succinctly up the ante on its magnetic attraction. The content created here speaks to hearts, souls & third eye coordinates. When your messaging is infused with Neon New Earth, you will be noticed & recognized as the cosmic conduit you are.

It’s all about the message. It’s all about speaking the same language. What you choose to convey to your audience is key to your reach, influence & success. How you articulate it could make or break the whole connection. People want to understand you, feel like they know you, feel comfortable, familiar & drawn to you & what you are offering. Your message can hit all the right spots, at all the right times, for all the right reasons. We do that here.

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” 

Mark Twain
  • Maybe it’s due time to dust off the Profile, Bio or About Page & tighten up. Let’s optimize ya!
  • Maybe you need a whole new one from scratch. In which case, we will masterfully adapt your best assets, gifts, talents, skills & organic choice character traits to compose one that… sells like a dream.
  • Maybe you just built a website like I did, & need to compose a catchy landing page like this one, or an “opt in” page like you will be clicking on here >> https://zappurcopy.com/sign-up/
  • Your business might be in full swing & you need a series of emails, a sales letter or a bunch of autoresponders & what not.
  • How about these unpredictable times we now live in, saturated with change. You might require assistance revising your marketing message or updating your platform to meet the unique demands of the new normal.
  • That said, maybe it’s now time to reposition your business or enterprise from a physical one to a virtual one. I can help!

Tailor-made, I will channel the copy content of your dreams as my guides work through me to gift you. Wonderful things happen with your permission. The alchemy sparked by one next right move could be all it takes to deliciously shift to your next best level.

Let’s do this.

The New Earth business model is all about conscious cooperation. Teamwork really does make the dream work. Put Zapp Ur Copy on your panel of experts. We can elevate, strengthen & improve this planet together. Don’t be shy, you have nothing to lose… hit the link below!

“An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.”

Bill Bernbach

My Team & I commend you for stepping up! Showing up to shine for your tribe is a noble act of kindness & a multidimensional initiative second to none. We can boost your business to glow brighter than ever before. Let’s go beyond buzz-worthy. Let’s spotlight your edge & influence. Let’s level up your reach, & magnify your message!

The magic begins here…

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