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  • Content Creation: need a headline, tagline, script, slogan, title, subtitle, paragraph, email, post, profile, pitch, OR a thorough thoughtful page or two or three for something you are mad about, in love with, passionately promoting, sharing, selling or broadcasting?
  • Your Image & Reputation: need to tighten up or revitalize your Profile, Bio or About Page? Maybe you need a whole new one from scratch. I write with my ears.
  • Website Optimizer: need to compose a catchy landing page like this one, or an “opt in” page like you will be clicking on here >> https://zappurcopy.com/sign-up/ or just some plain old feedback from a set of eyes that won’t lie?
  • Tweaks: no one likes change. You might require assistance revising your marketing message or updating your platform to meet the unique demands of the new normal. Maybe it’s time to reposition your business or enterprise from a physical one to a virtual one. I can help!
  • Design Skee-illz: need a logo, banner, podcast cover, book cover, title page, flyer? Your cosmic creative concierge is here! I will capture your vision, ideas & thoughts & bottle them into an epic piece you can’t stop obsessing over. I have a variety of tools in the belt. Pitch the ball! Scroll down 4 my own playful logo variations & hit the GALLERY up top!

If you are reading this & are interested in bolstering your success… look no further. It’s the Age of Aquarius, circa 2021, it’s a brand new day & you just hit the jackpot! The highest most benevolent outcome for your business, brand, product or service STARTS HERE.


“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” 

Mark Twain

Qualified to serve YOU, the name is Jenay Zapp & I am an Indie Author, Freelance Content Creator & Bio Building Specialist. I am a conscious service provider with a gift for understanding YOUR VISION. I am a channel writer who works with an Elite Spirit Guide Team. My gifts are sharp, smart, intuitive no-nonsense keys to unlocking new dimensions of success for your business or brand. Your message… is my mission.

Let’s do this!

The New Earth business model is all about conscious cooperation. Teamwork really does make the dream work. Put Zapp Ur Copy on your panel of experts. We can elevate, strengthen & improve this planet together. Don’t be shy, you have nothing to lose… tap the link below!

“An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.”

Bill Bernbach

The magic begins here…


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Testimonial Spot:

Florence Shovel Shinn said: “Your word is your wand.” By the power of the spoken word, words create magic & when placed together they make music, poetry, …or my new website.

Jenay from zappurcopy.com ZAPPED my new website with her gift of listening to my vision and taking long hours to research my chosen profession that was not familiar to her nor myself, “End of Life Planner, Death Doula.” Jenay was on it within hours after speaking about my new career path. I was so deeply touched by her passion and sincere dedication to this project. I was extremely impressed that she even researched a college that had an online Death Doula course to help ensure my new career path would be the perfect fit, and it was! Needless to say, my heart skipped a beat having someone care that much about me and my project. Jenay’s ongoing communication with me was professional and she made herself available if I had any questions or concerns. She made the creation of my website effortless for me. Jenay composed each title and paragraph to fit my vision and personality. The colors and graphics on my website exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend zappurcopy.com for all your copywriting needs.

Prospering in Philly thanks to Jenay Zapp
Patricia Pingitore
Flowers For Graves